A.A.A. Demolition
and Tree Services
Western Australia

Phone: +618 9332 0082
Mobile: 0411 267 200


Scott established AAA Trees and is an accomplished tree manager.

These days Scott spends most of his time meeting with customers, providing quotations and performing maintenance duties. Scott will probably be the man you speak to when you first call AAA Tree Services.

Scott is certified to perform tree work in close proximity to high voltage cables and is pretty comfortable about being 40m above the ground in the crown of a towering lemon-scented gum.

Scott enjoys the outdoors and wouldn't be found behind a desk for quids. "My office is the cabin of my Land Cruiser. You can get me by phone for now - the fax is coming!"

The entire team have been 'flat chat' lately. When we can spare a moment or two for a photo, we'll introduced to the other young men and women who comprise AAA Tree Services.

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